Hi, I am Justin Baker, a freelance CGI artist currently living in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

With over 12 years experience in the commercial post production industry I have a good understanding of the in's and out's of the bizz from creative collaboration with clients to project management.

I find myself to have a natural blend of both technical and creative visual craft. And pride myself in creating good looking images, with a keen eye for imperfections and the small details to maintaining the overall consistency of a project. As is often the case, if you can’t see what I’ve done then I’ve done a good job. Haha.. Unless it's an animation, then hopeful you’ll see it.

Having originally started out as a character animator I also have a good understanding of motion. The skill of bringing something to life through animation and this skill extends to motion graphics and broadcast design.

please email me for a more in-depth CV.    justin@thebakery.tv


  Email:    justin@thebakery.tv
Tel:       +31 64 660 3579